Important Notice

Covid-19 Measure Announcement:

As we progress onto the full continuation of business, we’d like to update you on the following changes in measures that have recently been implemented as part of our Facility’s Covid-19 protocols:


-We no longer require any proof of vaccination from persons utilizing our Facility.

-Guests will no longer be required to complete our daily Health Screening Assessment.

-Masking requirements will no longer be required (with the exception of Western University/Ivey Business School staff/students). However, all other persons desirous of keeping on their mask whilst on site will be respectfully allowed to continue this practice.

-As we continue to value the Health and Safety of everyone, our Facility’s staff servicing our in person events are fully vaccinated and will continue to be required to wear on their masks whilst onsite.


Any Changes to the above, may be done in due course and we shall advise accordingly